"Where Mental Health Meets Entertainment"

Our mission is to advance mental health awareness with an informative and entertaining approach.  The focus is to heal, to teach, to discover and advance mental health awareness.

All our content originates from clinical research conducted by Mental Health Authorities, Practitioners, University Professors and their Postgraduate Students

Puppy Water Entertainment is a Mental Health Entertainment Agency that has been in the making for ten years but came to fruition in 2017, when it was established in Los Angeles by Behavioral Therapist Princess Okeime.  Her passion for bringing mental health awareness to the public stems from her experience working in the field of Clinical Social Work with individuals suffering from mental, behavioral and neurological disorders. The disconnect between legislation, public accommodation, direct services and human compassion for those who suffer is very much what Ms. Okieme realizes we must address.  To get the attention of the general public, she decided to use the most effective method to capture hearts and minds - entertainment.  For most people, media such as film, television, video, podcasts and web content are a form of escapism, a mechanism that we all use to some degree to avoid our problems.  However, by creating entertaining content that addresses mental, behavioral and neurological problems, PWE will address these and the societal issues they cause.  With the credentials Ms. Okieme brings to the helm as a Behavioral Therapist and Executive Producer, there is no better way than Puppy Water to bring awareness to the public.