Current Productions

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“Intelligent Faith” Channel 13, Saturdays @ 6:00 am Pacific Time Zone - Hosted by Pastor Paul, Tammy and Princess Okieme. A TV segment that discusses depression, mental illnesses and the importance of not only using mental and physical health to overcome suffering but also spiritual health (intelligent faith). There is a strong emphasis on the importance of having a relationship with God. Please Tune in!

Productions in Development

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“Autism” is a mentally charged Melodramedy TV series that explores and addresses Autism, along with other disorders. Seen through the lens of the antagonist Dr. Stacey Morgan- Shapiro, a Behavioral Therapist. Although she is flawed and plagued by addictions, depression and childhood traumas, she is able to successfully provide her Autistic patients with life changing therapy, which fuels her to find the cure for Autism.